The Amazing Legacy of Ann Mara


The entire NFL community including the New York Giants organization, Giants fans and football fans worldwide mourned the loss of the woman who was known as the “First Lady of Football” and matriarch of Big Blue, Ann Mara.

Mara passed away early Super Bowl Sunday just a few days ago at the age of 85 from complications suffered from a fall when Mara slipped on ice outside her home two weeks prior. Mara’s love for the game of football lasted her entire lifetime and was always by the side of her late husband Wellington Mara, who was given ownership of the Giants in 1930 from his father Tim Mara, who founded the team in 1925.

Wellington had a huge influence in shaping the NFL into it’s current state and passed away in 2005 at the age of 89. After losing her husband after nearly 50 years of marriage, Ann took on an even more prominent role in the Giants organization.

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Around the Giants locker room, Mara was known by players as “the boss” and was always close by the team. Mara’s dedication to the Giants organization helped set a model for structure and consistency that all teams try to follow.

Mara instilled a winning tradition in New York and played a big part in the team maintaining it’s high reputation as being one of the most well-respected, classy and smartest organizations in all of professional football.

Mara was a compassionate woman who also donated frequently to charities. In November 2014, she dedicated the opening of a new building at the San Miguel Academy to at risk children.

She was one of the most recognized figures in the NFL and assisted her husband making major decisions that turned the league into a powerhouse. Mara also gained notoriety after the Giants’ NFC Championship victory over the San Francisco 49ers in 2012.

During the post game celebration, Terry Bradshaw was interviewing Eli Manning for the Fox Sports post game show when Mara made her way through the crowd and walked right up to Bradshaw and gave him a tongue lashing, yelling to him “you never pick the Giants to win!”

It was that passion and fire she had for her team that players found motivational and always modeled her passion for excellence onto the playing field. She set an example for the team and is a big reason why Big Blue has been victorious in four of it’s five Super Bowl appearances and is always in the hunt for a playoff berth.

Mara leaves behind eleven children including her son John, who is the current president, CEO, and co-owner of the Giants. Her two granddaughters Kate and Rooney Mara, are both well known actresses.

The Giants family along with the entire NFL family mourns the loss of a woman of incredible strength and character who set a model for teams and players with her passion for winning and being consistent in making smart organizational decisions that have made the Giants and the NFL into what they are today.

We encourage all of you to join us here at in keeping the Mara family in your prayers during this difficult time while also celebrating the life of the First Lady of Football and the matriarch of the New York Football Giants. Mrs. Mara, thank you for all you have done for the game of football and for the Giants as you will certainly be missed. Rest in peace in heaven.

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