Free Agency: Is Julius Thomas An Option For New York Giants?


The New York Giants look ahead to 2015 figuring to be a pretty good offensive team. They are stacked at wide receiver, having the best combo in the NFL in Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz. They have a reliable tight end in Larry Donnell. Eli Manning had a great year last season, without the benefit of a great offensive line. The addition of Julius Thomas via free agency would give the Giants one of the most potent groups of weapons in the entire National Football League.

Thomas is an incredible football player. The star tight end is a big bodied target, a 6′ 5″ red zone threat that defenses will hate having to account for as a Giant. It is bad enough they have to worry about Cruz and Beckham, adding Thomas to the mix would give the Giants video game like production from their passing game. There are two questions the Giants must answer in regards to signing Thomas:

  • Is spending the money on Thomas a responsible and practical investment?
  • Is signing Thomas a realistic possibility?

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There is no doubt that Thomas would not fill a dire need. He would be a practical investment however because you know what you can expect from him on the field. He caught 12 touchdown passes in back to back seasons with the Denver Broncos.

Pairing Thomas with Donnell would arguably give the Giants the best tight end combination in the NFL. Can you imagine having Thomas and Donnell as tight ends with Beckham and Cruz on the outside? The Giants would be a force to be reckoned with, at the very least.

As for the probability that Thomas would sign with the Giants, it is not farfetched. The Broncos will have trouble keeping both Thomas and Demaryius Thomas. If the Broncos prioritize getting their star wide receiver back, the tight end may slip out of their grasp. Thomas will demand a handsome salary but that is what general managers are for in the world of professional football. It probably won’t happen but it could, and the Giants would be foolish not to at least considering signing the star tight end.

By adding another playmaker in free agency, the Giants can focus on defense and the offensive line in the 2015 NFL Draft.  The Giants should at least consider the possibility of signing Thomas.

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