Ray Rice Should Not Be Signed By New York Giants


Former Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Rice should not be signed by the New York Giants. For that matter, Rice should not be signed by any NFL team. Here I must go on a rant. Forget the moral high ground aspect for a moment.

I think what Rice did to his then fiancée and now wife, is repugnant and unacceptable as most people with brain cells or any compassion can agree with. The reason Rice should not be signed is not because he did something awful but because he is a year removed from the game and 2013 was his worst statistical season.

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I do believe in second chances. If Rice does get employment from an NFL organization, good for him. Being in Maryland, I developed good feel for who Rice was for the last 7 years. I truly believe he was a good man who made an unforgivable mistake on a drunken night in a casino.

We can never forgive the action, but that action should not erase years of earned goodwill completely. He can have a second chance as can any man, nobody is perfect.

Football is a business. It is a cliche phrase that sportswriters get tired of repeating, but we repeat it because it is always a true statement. Bringing in Rice to the New York Giants, in the biggest media market in the NFL, would be horribly bad for business. The public sentiment is very against Rice and it will be for a very long time.

Also bad for business is bringing in a player whose prime was beaten out of him by 1,430 carries and 369 receptions. In 2013 Rice only rushed for 660 yards and 4 touchdowns. The Giants can get that kind of production from the running backs they already have, with much less of a hassle.

Rice was a great football player from 2008-2012. His best football is behind him. He will never be what he once was and many fans (or players for that matter) will never respect the man ever again. Signing Rice makes absolutely no sense whatsoever as it’s best the Giants stay far away from him.

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