New York Giants: Should Big Blue Draft a Quarterback?


The NFL is one of the most, if not the most, unpredictable sports league in the world. The strangest things can happen, especially in the NFL Draft. The top two-quarterback prospects, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, had their showings at the 2015 NFL Combine. The results were just astounding, both of the prospects showed the capability to be starting NFL quarterbacks. In the event that one of these quarterbacks magically fell to the New York Giants on draft day, should they take one?

Quarterback Eli Manning was under heavy fire the past couple of years about his spotty football play. Many critics are concerned that Manning will not be able to lead the Giants to prominence again. He proved those critics wrong when he bounced back this past season and put up a 92.1 quarterback rating.

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The Giants don’t need a quarterback at the moment. Manning is most likely getting a contract extension this offseason. He is very capable of leading the Giants to another Super Bowl title, even if it’s late into his thirties. What the organization has to worry about are the times after Manning is gone.

Ryan Nassib is developing into quite the young quarterback. He received high praise from coach Tom Coughlin recently. He showed that he made major improvements in the Giants undefeated preseason this past year. However, he may be improving too fast to wait out the end of Manning’s career. Nassib is too valuable to ride the bench. The Giants may be able to make a pretty decent trade with a quarterback needy team.

So the question is, if Winston or Mariota falls down to the Giants, should they draft one of them? The answer is no. The Giants would be wasting a valuable high first round pick. What they should do is draft a quarterback late in the draft, one they could groom into being Eli Manning’s successor. They would be able to deal Nassib, gain some draft picks from the trade, and maybe gain a quarterback of the future on the roster. A little competition wouldn’t hurt Manning either.

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