New York Giants: Making A Case For Drafting Kevin White


When New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese was asked about the draft, he planned to upgrade at wide receiver. It’s clear that Victor Cruz may not recover properly and the Giants need to be prepared for that. Reese, just like anyone else in his position, has a right to be concerned. His statement leaves the question, which receiver should the Giants draft? Reese’s famous philosophy is to draft the best overall player. If he falls down to the Giants, Kevin White may be that guy.

White stands at six foot three and weighs 215 pounds. He ran a 40 time of 4.35 and had a vertical jump of 36.5 inches. That is what NFL scouts must be calling a freak of nature. A freak meaning that he is an abnormally talented wide receiver. White absolutely dazzled at the combine, showing off his fantastic abilities. If the Giants are lucky enough to have White fall into their laps, Reese may not be able to pass it up.

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Reese is most likely imagining having the NFL’s best wide receiver corps. Odell Beckham, Cruz (even at half speed), and White would absolutely tear apart opposing defenses. It may be one of the smartest moves ever made by Reese if White pans out to be another Beckham. If not, it may be one of the biggest draft blunders in history.

Most critics argue that the Giants need an offensive line for this plan to work. Believe it or not, the Giants have a pretty decent offensive line as it is. They preformed so badly last year due to injuries and lack of chemistry. One of the Giants top free agent signings, lineman Geoff Schwartz, barely saw the field all season. Now that the coaches know which way the line works best, the Giants should make some major strides. Not to mention that a star lineman could be weeded out in the second or third round of the draft.

The allure of Amari Cooper may aid the fall of White into the Giants’ palms. Not many of the teams before the Giants are in desperate need of wide receivers. They have many other pressing needs as well. Most teams know that this draft is deep in receivers like last years. Now might very well be the Giants time to make a major move that could help set up a very bright future.

What do you think Giants Nation? Should the Giants draft Kevin White? Please answer and comment below!

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