Jacoby Jones Would Be Perfect Match With New York Giants


If there is one thing the New York Giants desperately need help with, it’s special teams. For the last couple of years the Giants’ special teams has been ranked in the lower half of the league. The Baltimore Ravens recently cut Jacoby Jones, it would be a very wise decision of the Giants to add him to their roster.

Special teams is the part of a football team that is often easily overlooked. Good special teams can win games. The amount of damage done to the Giants by opposing special teams is just horrific. It’s time for a change, the management has to stop neglecting this part of the team. Yes, the Giants have other glaring needs, but this could be as easy as a simple fix.

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A huge part of the Giants losing record these past two years was falling behind early due to the horrible special teams play. Their kick and punt returners would constantly fumble or just simply not gain enough yards to have an effective starting point. To capitalize falling behind early, the Giants have to go heavy with the passing game. Until Odell Beckham came along, that did not bode over very well.

The Giants can only function well as a balanced offense, running the ball effectively and passing it whenever they need to. If the Giants can’t fall back on the run game, their offense just simply shuts down. That is why the Giants made it a point to run the ball no matter who was in the backfield this year. Fixing the special teams would help restore that balance. Plus, the Giants can’t risk Beckham getting injured on punt returns.

Jones explodes out of holes and makes plays out of nothing. He is a game changer and would fit in perfectly with the Giants. He hardly ever fumbles and always gains chunks of yards at a time. He is much quicker, faster, and stronger than any kick or punt returner the Giants have on the roster. They need him in the worst way to come and fix a poor special teams squad.

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