New York Giants: New Wave Of Free Agent Targets Intriguing


This past week saw the releasing/cutting of many former big name NFL players. Such players like A.J. Hawk, Reggie Bush, and Jacoby Jones. The New York Giants will likely find great intrigue in all three of these players, maybe even enough to potentially sign one or more. General manager Jerry Reese should show some interest since each of the aforementioned athletes could all contribute nicely to Big Blue.

I believe each one of these players offer a skill-set that could benefit the Giants in a good way. To be frank, none of these three are “game changers” as they won’t will make the Giants a Super Bowl contender overnight, but still I believe they have value that they could bring to the table, beginning with Hawk.

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Now before you boo me off stage, yes I know the now 31 year old Hawk isn’t exactly Ray Lewis, nor was he ever. However, neither is Jameel McClain or Jon Beason.  If you go into the Hawk signing with the idea in mind that he will be a star in the Giants 4-3 defense, you will be disappointed.

In the contrary, if you go into this move with the idea in mind that Hawk can be a solid depth signing, you will be satisfied.  Hawk is a savvy veteran, a solid leader, whom I believe would do nothing but benefit the Giants. That is depending on the cost to sign him, just like everyone else.

Moving on to Bush, the same thinking reigns true. He is not the player he once was, this is not 2005 anymore. Still, in the right system, Bush can help. The Giants have two solid backs in Jennings and Williams. Both are bruisers and nothing close to a “change of pace” back.

Now with Bush a “change of pace” back is exactly his label. He might not be in his prime anymore, he may not run a 4.4 anymore, but that doesn’t mean he can’t come in and contribute as a dual-threat option. As always the key to any deal will be the dollar figure. Assuming the Giants can get Reggie for a decent price, a price that won’t of course break the cap, his unique style of play can add a nice new dimension to the Giants offense.

Finally, there is Jones. Should the Giants bring him aboard, his role may not be particularly large, but I would say it’s of solid value. Jones is a major threat as a return specialist, something the Giants do in fact need. The Giants have not had a high powered kick return game in quite some time.

Overall, out of all the potential intriguing new free agents, Jones makes the most sense. Maybe even more significantly since signing Jones would help assure that Odell Beckham Jr. is nowhere near the field in special team situations, keeping his hamstring healthy. It’s important since Beckham will be elevating as on top of the Giants’ receiving corps and his spot on special teams will need to be filled. Jones would fit in nicely and the Giants probably won’t have to spend a crazy amount of money to acquire him.

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