New York Giants: Team Should Draft Dorial Green-Beckham


I’ll give you two reasons why the New York Giants should take Dorial Green-Beckam with their first round pick: Randy Moss and Dez Bryant. Many compare Green-Beckham to Moss, some even see him as another version of Calvin Johnson. I completely agree. Both Moss and Bryant entered their respective drafts as transcendent talents, but off-field concerns drew many to shy away from taking either of those players early. Green-Beckham’s draft stock is almost a carbon copy of both.

I know, many of you are probably a bit confused. With all the problems the Giants have had on the offensive line over the past two seasons, how could a receiver take priority? I mean, even if they decided to not take an offensive lineman, wouldn’t a defensive lineman seem more realistic as a backup draft plan? Let me explain.

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Every year, the draft features a player that has all the intangibles to be a super star at the next level. But, off field concerns and attitude issues seem to cloud that particular prospect’s draft stock. Well, Green-Beckham is this year’s version of that prospect.

Green-Beckham is a physical specimen. Standing at 6’5”, weighing in at 237 lbs., and still running a 4.49 at the 40 yard dash at the 2015 NFL Combine is truly impressive. His stride when running routes looks effortless, his jump ball and down-field ability to make plays separates him from anyone else in this draft.

Of course, there are big risks and concerns when deciding whether to take Green-Beckham with an early draft choice. First off, he didn’t even play in 2014 after transferring from Missouri to Oklahoma because of drug possession charges. The other red flag deals with those drug possession charges. Multiple times, he dealt with marijuana issues at the University of Missouri.

When looking at Green-Beckham’s off field issues, many people are going to compare him to Josh Gordon or Justin Blackmon. But, this is entirely different. Both Blackmon and Gordon are a part of low-self esteem franchises. Both franchises are a disaster from the top down, and their win-loss record over the past 20 years tells you all you need to know. When you step into a Tom Coughlin-led locker room, it’s a different story. The Giants franchise is as stable as they come, and things would change real quick with Green-Beckham’s off-field issues.

Let’s remember, Bryant, in his final year at Oklahoma State, only played in 3 games before being suspended, while Moss bounced around from Notre Dame to Florida State before landing with Marshall. When both stepped into the league, they were guided and monitored strongly. Moss, had the veteran, Chris Carter by his side to direct him, while Dallas actually set rules regarding curfew and drinking for Bryant, upon arrival.

The teams that passed on both Bryant and Moss were unwilling to take a risk. I’m sure the “safer” picks of Jason Peter, Robert Edwards, Kareem Jackson, and Derrick Morgan turned out to be okay, right? Well, no. These were just some of the players taken before both Bryant and Moss in their respective drafts and none brought anything close to the impact Bryant and Randy have brought to the NFL. I’m sure those teams, as well many others, regret not rolling the dice with such special talents.

Now, the Giants don’t exactly have to take Green-Beckham at the 9th overall spot. This draft to be honest, isn’t very deep. Trading back actually makes more sense, with the possibility of accumulating a draft pick for next season if possible. I could definitely see Green-Beckham falling into the 20s of the first round just like Bryant and Moss. So, I think if the Giants traded back to somewhere in that area they could easily land Green-Beckham, based purely on the much anticipated skepticism teams will have about his off-field concerns.

Feb 21, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Missouri Tigers wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham runs the 40 yard dash during the 2015 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Plus, for those that think drastic changes need to be made to both sides of the line, I think you’ll be surprised by what this team decides to do regarding the draft. For one, 4/5 of the offensive line is already made up. If Justin Pugh stays at the tackle position, that only makes it easier, as there is tons of value at the interior line position in free agency.

As far as the defensive line, we already know guys like Jason Pierre-Paul, Johnathan Hankins, Damontre Moore and Robert Ayers will be making strong contributions to their defensive line come 2015. They also have guys like Cullen Jenkins, Jay Bromley, Kerry Wynn and Markus Kuhn under contract. So, if you think their is huge need at that position group, think again.

Look, picking Green-Beckham in the 1st Round whether it is at 9 or later, is a risk. But, what draft pick isn’t a risk? The upside is tremendous, and with Victor Cruz coming off a major injury and Rueben Randle an unstable option, the need at wide receiver will have to be met at some point in the draft anyway.

In three years, if Green-Beckham becomes a Moss-type player, would anyone dispute the pick? Of course not. Whether a position need was met or not. Jerry Reese is all about picking the best player available, and with Green-Beckham most likely on the board at the Giants spot, it’s going to be hard to pass up.

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