New York Giants Flashback: Kerry Collins


One of the most memorable passers in the history of the New York Giants, Kerry Collins is the focus of today’s Giants flashback. From 1999-2003 Collins was the Giants quarterback and he put on quite a show. The 2000 season was Collins first full season as the Giants starter.

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Collins threw for 3,610 yards and 22 touchdowns in the 2000 regular season. That year the Giants had one of the best offenses in football. The Giants went to the Super Bowl that season. Collins will probably always be remembered unfairly for the Super Bowl loss in which the Baltimore Ravens shut out the Giants offense.

The Giants lost 34-7 to the Ravens against what many believe to be the greatest defense of all time. A kickoff returned for a touchdown was the Giants only score that day. While there is no shame in losing to one of the most historic defenses of all time that is probably Collins’s most lasting legacy.

Collins had a really good 17 seasons in the NFL and 5 of those seasons were with the Giants. 2001 was a frustrating season for Collins. The Giants went 7-9 and he threw 19 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. Collins and the Giants got back on track in 2002 and they got back to the playoffs.

Collins threw for 4,073 yards in the 2002 season which remained his career high. The Giants playoff run didn’t last long as they lost in a memorable Wild Card game against the San Francisco 49ers 39-38. Collins had one of the greatest playoff performances to end in a defeat throwing for 378 yards, four touchdowns and one interception.

The 2003 New York Giants were a train wreck that only won 4 games. This was the last season with the Giants for not only Kerry Collins, but also for head coach Jim Fassell.

Collins should be remembered for some really good times in Giants history. He got the team to the playoffs twice and put on big time performances that will live in Giants lure forever. Collins is not an all time great but rather a very solid quarterback that took every punch the NFL had to offer for 17 seasons.

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