Jason Pierre-Paul: Is He In Danger Of Getting Cut?


In a recent fireworks accident, Jason Pierre-Paul had to get his right index finger amputated and may have fractured his thumb. On top of all of that, he may face criminal charges for the fireworks he possessed. He apparently had a U-Haul truck full of illegal fireworks. If Pierre-Paul is charged, he could face a suspension from the NFL as well. Would the New York Giants ever cut Jason Pierre-Paul? I believe so.

The Giants withdrew a 60 million dollar offer they had for Pierre-Paul when they heard rumors about his injury. They hit the nail on the head in that situation because he eventually had his finger amputated soon after. Pierre-Paul didn’t officially sign the franchise tag deal yet. That means the Giants can still pull the plug on him.

The Giants sent staff down to visit Pierre-Paul, but he has been avoiding them. This can’t be a very good sign. The Giants have a very tough decision on their hands because Pierre-Paul is the face of their defense. They would be losing a huge asset if they cut him.

The Giants organization and Tom Coughlin have no tolerance for bone-headed mistakes like this. It’s even more of a big deal because the fireworks are illegal for a reason. They are illegal to save people from getting hurt the way Pierre-Paul did. If criminal charges arise, there is no doubt in my mind that the Giants will cut Pierre-Paul.

The only thing the Giants could do is wait it out until Pierre-Paul decides to let them know what’s going on. Other than that, there’s nothing else they can do. It’s too soon to pull the plug on him. Time is slowly running out because the Giants are going to have to end up paying him $14.813 million. This is a big decision to make because it is a lot of money if he’s going to ride the bench all season long.

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