New York Giants: is there pressure on Tom Coughlin?


The New York Giants have won two Super Bowls under their head coach Tom Coughlin. The Giants have gone to the playoffs in 5 seasons during Coughlin’s 11 year run leading the team. With the level of success the Giants had with Coughlin comes job security. But after two losing seasons is their pressure on Coughlin?

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Almost any coach in the National Football League would have been fired after going 7-9, and 6-10 in back to back seasons. Coughlin’s last playoff appearance was in 2011. While that playoff run ended with a Super Bowl championship, the Giants have done nothing of significance since.

The two Super Bowl rings that Coughlin has blinds the Giants from the simple truth that he isn’t getting the job done. Football is a results oriented business, where what you’ve done for me lately is all that matters. Coughlin has failed lately and the pressure has finally caught up with him.

The Giants have to have a breaking point. If the Giants don’t go to the playoffs in 2015, which is a real possibility, Coughlin will be done. It would be done in the nicest way possible, I mean nobody wants to be the guy who fires the legendary Coughlin. But make no mistake, the Giants would be given no choice if 2015 is another disappointing season.

The Giants want to cling to the Coughlin era as long as they can. It is comfortable and it used to really work for this organization. Truthfully the Giants can probably still win with Coughlin as their coach. He has found the magic recipe and he can brew it up again. The problem is the most likely scenario doesn’t see the Giants hoisting the Lombardi Trophy anytime soon.

There is a ton of pressure beginning to build on the shoulders of Coughlin. Just the fact that it is only beginning to build now shows you how much respect he has from the organization. The Giants however are desperate for a new hope, a new future. As great as the best times were, Coughlin is absolutely under pressure to succeed in 2015.

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