Can the New York Giants beat the Dallas Cowboys?


The New York Giants have been swept by the Dallas Cowboys for two consecutive seasons. Although the NFC East rivals have had some amazing games, lately the Cowboys always escape with a win.

The Cowboys arrow is pointing up this season, as they were a Dez Bryant completed process away from the NFC Championship last year. The Cowboys boast the best offensive line in football and have plenty of talent around quarterback Tony Romo. That is a large reason why the Cowboys are widely favored to win the division this season.

The Giants are trying to prove this overwhelming expectation wrong. The Giants have hopes of winning their division to earn their trip to the postseason. The best way to win the division is to beat your division foes. Can the Giants beat the Cowboys.

The Cowboys are in many ways a matchup nightmare for the Giants. The Giants don’t have anyone who can take Bryant out of the game. The Cowboys will quite possibly man handle the Giants unproven front seven with their massive offensive line. If the Giants cannot rush after Romo with consistent pressure, the inexperienced safeties of the Giants have a tough test ahead of them.

The Giants can beat the Cowboys, because no game is decided before it begins. Eli Manning can shred the Cowboys defense apart, we know that the Giants QB steps up for these games. In fact the season opener is the golden opportunity for the Giants to knock the Cowboys down a peg. I’m not going to bet on it until I see it however.

The Cowboys are as close to a complete team as the NFL has. They have a chance to once again be contenders. The Giants are just hoping to rebound after two pretty rough seasons with a losing record. The Giants are anything but a complete team heading into the season.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens. The Cowboys games will likely define the Giants season. They certainly have to prove that they are up to the challenge.

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