NFC East: Not Any Easier For New York Giants


The New York Giants are hoping to be contenders in the NFC East after going 6-10 a season ago. The NFC East didn’t get any easier for the Giants this offseason.

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Despite all the chaos that has been circling the Eagles this offseason, their squad looks pretty sharp. The Eagles look like a more than formidable opponent. If Sam Bradford remains healthy, their frantic paced offense has the ability to amaze. Say what you want to about Chip Kelly but he gets offensive football in college and the NFL. It works.

Then you have the Dallas Cowboys, a team that has a legitimate shot at Super Bowl 50. The Cowboys improved what already was a dominant offensive line. They improved their defense as well. A Cowboys were a play away from the NFC Championship game last year. They didn’t get any worse this offseason.

The Cowboys big loss this offseason was DeMarco Murray. Murray looks as unstoppable as ever in Philadelphia. The Cowboys still have a man handling offensive line though. I’m not saying that even I could rush for four yards per carry behind that line but I am saying they don’t need a great rusher to get the job done.

On top of that these two divisional foes seem to have the Giants’ number. The Giants were swept by the Cowboys and Eagles last season and the Giants haven’t beaten the Cowboys in two seasons. It isn’t negativity to say that the Giants have a tough road to travel if they want to win the division. That’s just facing the facts.

Even if the Giants are better than they were last season (which is still yet to be seen) they probably aren’t better than their division rivals. On paper the Cowboys and Eagles look to be contenders. The Giants have to prove that they can even be in the conversation. The Giants are better than the Redskins who I have purposefully left out of the conversation. The Redskins are another team that needs to prove it before I take them seriously.

It would be nice to tell you that the Giants look like world beaters and that the NFC East is theirs for the taking. It just isn’t the truth. Could the Giants surprise me, and prove me wrong? They absolutely could. But with many of the same problems as last season, injuries piling up and poor preseason performances, I’m not about to tell you that the Giants are NFC East champions in waiting.