Madden 16: A Complete GMENHQ Review


Let’s admit it we all love EA Sports and their big fish, the Madden football video games. Madden 16 came out this past Tuesday and if you’re like me you’ve played way to much of it. Yes, I am in week eight of my franchise mode and I am not afraid to admit it.

This years game is a significant step forward for the Madden brand. The game play is more grounded in reality and the feel of the game is genuine. Yes you still have interceptions where defensive backs magically jump in front of drag routes and quarterbacks still can’t really throw on the run, but it is drastically more realistic than the last game. I guess video game makers will never truly give you a completely realistic football experience.

The presentation of the game is memorizing. Giants fans will be sure to enjoy the opening of the game in which Odell Beckham catches footballs and dances in unbelievably real graphics. Every detail has been perfected by the artists at EA Sports, from the tattoos on Beckham’s arms to the hair on his head. It is a statement to all gamers that this game was made with passion.

I love what they did with the defensive gameplay in this game. Defensive backs are much more able to compete with receivers in the air and interceptions are a lot easier even on the All-Pro level that I prefer to play at. The tackling is more realistic and the hit stick provides the same bone crunching delivery.

Running the football and pass rushing are a bit harder than in the Madden game of the recent past. That being said these elements of the game are amazingly more realistic. The zone blocking in this game is actually done correctly and you can really see the plays develop and select the right point of attack as the running back.

The receivers ability to make fantastic catches is an outstanding element of this game. You can decide how the receiver will attack the process of catching the football. It is really something you have to see for your self. This game really is about being the playmaker as the EA Sports marketing campaigns have emphasized.

The Giants player rankings are relatively fair. The cover playmaker is ranked a 94 overall. Eli Manning is ranked a little low at 87. The fact is that Manning’s ranking is not reflective of his 4,410 yard, 30 touchdown and 14 interception performance in 2014. Aside from Manning’s ranking, the player rankings are fair. The Giants are ranked 77 overall in the game which is something a team that went 6-10 a year ago can’t really complain about.

The moral of the story is that the presentation and gameplay of this game is incredible in comparison to Madden 16’s predecessors. It is far more than just a $60 roster update. It is a game that fits all type of Madden fans, from the fan that loves to play against the computer in franchise mode to the fan who loves to mix it up on Xbox Live with Madden Ultimate Team. If you haven’t bought Madden 16 yet, I can assure you that your money will not be wasted.

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