New York Giants: Offensive Woes Are A Mirage


It’s no secret the New York Giants are struggling this preseason. The last couple of preseason games have been very questionable. The Giants have come up short on more than one occasion against every team they played. There was no rhythm or groove to the offense at all. Fans shouldn’t be worried because no one realizes that Eli Manning has been missing key players.

Notice how the Giants’ offense came more to life in the third week of preseason. That is only because Rueben Randle came into the fold. Odell Beckham can’t carry the whole entire team on his own. He’s going to need help from Randle and Cruz.

If the offense improved with just the edition of Randle, imagine what it would be like with all three top wide receivers involved. Manning is getting the short end of the stick right now. He has an offensive line that is still working out the kinks and missing his top two wide receivers.

It was evident that Manning and the offense were a lot more on point when offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz got some playing time. He really solidified the Giants offense and helped them make some plays. It is clear that his health is key to the Giants’ success.

These growing pains are a sign of progress for the Giants. This team isn’t the same team it was a couple of years ago. It received a total overhaul in the coming years. It takes time for players to gain some chemistry, especially with players dropping like flies.

The Giants offensive woes will not transition into the regular season because they are happening now. Ben McAdoo and Tom Coughlin are simply testing the waters. They are giving backups chances to step up and showcase their talent.

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