New York Giants: Could They Trade For Kam Chancellor?


As we all know, the New York Giants are very thin at the safety position. Players who could have been major contributors have caught the injury bug. This may include the Giants’ second round draft pick Landon Collins. Collins sprained his MCL, but appears to be fine now. However, we all know how quickly that could all change. It is not to far fetched to believe that the Giants could trade for the Seattle Seahawks’ star safety, Kam Chancellor.

A report from Shaun Morash and 247sports claim the Giants and Seahawks are trying to work out a trade for Chancellor, but the two sides are far apart. I’m sure the Seahawks are asking for a large compensation because they know the bind the Giants are in.

Chancellor could single handedly change the whole entire outlook of the Giants’ season. He could be the key cog that will solidify the Giants’ defense. Pairing him up with Collins, Prince Amukamara, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromarite would make a devastating combination for opposing offenses.

It is very hard to see this deal happening until you think of the bind the Seahawks are in. Chancellor has been holding out of training camp because of his contract, He said he would hold out until a new contract is negotiated. The question is, how much longer can the Seahawks hold off?

It is evident that Chancellor is looking for a huge payday and the Seahawks may not be willing to give him that. It makes sense that the Seahawks may be shopping him around. It’s easier than dealing with all the finical issues that come along with Chancellor’s holdout. They have already contributed over 100 million dollars on ten of their top players.

If the Giants manage to acquire Chancellor they would automatically fill an immediate hole in the team. Their defense would have a whole entire new look and would make the team much more dangerous as a whole. The move would automatically make them contenders in a very tight NFC East race.

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