Fantasy Football Spotlight: Giants Vs. Cowboys


The New York Giants open their season against their arch rival, the Dallas Cowboys. When these two teams play there are often huge fantasy football implications because the score tends to be high and the stars tend to shine. Here are the 5 biggest fantasy football stars to have in your starting lineup that will play in this game.

1. Eli Manning: Manning tends to have his best games against the Cowboys. When you consider the sizeable advantage the Giants have against the Cowboys secondary, you have to like the odds of big numbers for Manning. Manning will most likely score two or three touchdowns and could easily throw for over 300 yards in this game. Manning is a must start option in this game unless you have a guy like Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck or even a Ben Roethlisberger against a questionable Patriots secondary.

2. Odell Beckham: Beckham Jr. had a big game against the Cowboys last season in which he caught 10 passes for almost 150 yards and had two touchdowns…oh yeah and he grabbed the world’s attention with the greatest catch I have ever seen. Beckham will be the most unstoppable player in this game. If last year is an indication he may singlehandedly give your fantasy team a win this week.

3. Dez Bryant: Just like the Cowboys don’t have an answer for Beckham the Giants have no clue what to do about Bryant. Bryant is a big bodied receiver with deadly speed that is hard to bring down in the open field. The Giants secondary is also a big concern. Basically in this game just expect big numbers passing for both teams.

4. Darren McFadden: McFadden has always been dangerous but injuries have slowed his roll. The Cowboys offensive line is hoping McFadden can have a revival of his once promising career. McFadden will likely get the jonb done as the Giants defense isn’t that strong against the run. At least it wasn’t last season and it was poor in the preseason too. The Giants defense needs to step up big time or McFadden will have his best game of the season in week one.

5. Tony Romo: If the Giants cannot stop the run, the play-action pass is going to kill them. Tony Romo is going to put up big time numbers against a Giants secondary that has a lot of question marks. If the Giants pass rush can’t get there it may look like the Cowboys are playing on air.

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