New York Giants: Offense Waiting For A Spark


When you look at the New York Giants offensive depth chart you think that this team is going to dominate on the offense. Even without Victor Cruz the Giants have plenty of weapons around Eli Manning. It seems like the Giants offense is just looking for that all important spark to get them going.

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It could happen on any play. It could be a check down to Shane Vereen that goes for a big gain. It could be Odell Beckham snagging a ball with one hand to the wonderment of us all. It could be Rashad Jennings trucking a linebacker for a big third down conversion.

When the Giants get that spark anything could happen. They just need things to start clicking. Last year the Giants got the spark from Beckham. It didn’t matter what the scoreboard said, Giants fans had something to cling to. Their rookie wide receiver was putting on one of the greatest shows we have ever seen. Despite all their struggles the team had a top 10 passing attack.

There were big expectations for Beckham in the season opener but he didn’t make the big plays we were looking for. That being said he wasn’t given much of an opportunity. Manning has to get the ball into Beckham’s hands because he is their best playmaker and it isn’t even close.

Without Cruz though, the Cowboys were able to tee off on Beckham. They basically said another receiver is going to have to beat us, because we’ve had enough of this ODB guy. So the Giants do need somebody else to step up and make plays.

In a perfect world the Giants weapons would attack their opponent evenly every week. Rueben Randle and Larry Donnell are really good players but their production spikes and dips. Randle of Donnell is going to have to take a step up and provide defenses someone to fear that doesn’t wear the number 13.

The point is simple, the Giants are looking for that big play that gets everything going. The how in the world did he catch that kind of play. Will the Giants find the spark today?

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