New York Giants: 0-2 Bad Look For Tom Coughlin


The New York Giants are 0-2 right now and it is how they lost that makes it a horrible look for Tom Coughlin. Coughlin was already on the proverbial hot seat. After winning just 13 games in the past two seasons and missing the playoffs for the last three seasons the Giants Super Bowls aren’t holding the same look.

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The Giants lost two games in which they had no business losing. They lost a game to the Cowboys in which they led 23-13 in the final act. The Falcons were down 10 points in the fourth quarter and won the game by 7. Bad clock management and horrible decisions have plagued the team in the first two weeks.

In week one Eli Manning took the blame. But in week two with the game clock still baffling this team like a mirror baffles a kitten, the blame is inherently on Tom Coughlin. The Giants are a team right now that loses in the most unbelievable fashion. Two weeks in a row they have lost games they put themselves in a position to win.

The blame isn’t completely on the two time Super Bowl champion coach. Manning made a crucial fumble in the red zone with a wide open receiver in the end zone. Preston Parker has bricks for hands and at the end of the day the defense isn’t getting the job done in the fourth quarter.

There is plenty of blame to go around right now. There really is. But at the end of the day it falls on Coughlin. The Giants coach is supposed to be a no nonsense guy who demands perfection from his players. Well the Giants have found a way to look full of nonsense any way.

If the Giants don’t turn it around, you have to wonder if Coughlin can survive the season. The Giants have two coordinators that could be an interim head coach. Steve Spagnuolo was a head coach with the St. Louis Rams. Ben McAdoo will likely be a head coach some day. It puts pressure on Coughlin. Many teams would have fired him after the 6-10 debacle that was the 2014 season.

The Giants extended Coughlin’s contract until the end of 2016. On paper the Giants are committed to the Giants coach. But every coach, even the two time Super Bowl winners has the end coming at some point. How much patience do the Giants have?

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