New York Giants Must Not Take Eagles Lightly


The New York Giants are going to Philadelphia to battle the Eagles. The Giants come into this game with all the momentum, after all a win could give them a much firmer grasp on control of the NFC East. The Eagles are trying to break even at 3-3 and drag the Giants down to an equal record. The Giants cannot take the Eagles lightly.

Chip Kelly has been coined football’s next big genius and so you are well aware of the Eagles struggle. When Kelly  struggles it is front page news in the sporting world. Yes, DeMarco Muray’s situation remains tenuous with the Eagles coach and Sam Bradford has played below expectations, but the Eagles are not the laughing stock the media has made them out to be.

The Eagles are coming off a convincing win against the Saints, and while it is fair to say that they Saints are terrible it was signs of life for the Eagles offense. The Eagles put up 39 points. Bradford had 333 yards and 2 touchdowns and Murray got 20 rushing attempts and seven receptions for a total of 120 yards.

The Eagles fast paced offense may prove to be problematic for the Giants defense that has given up more passing yards than any team in the NFL. If the Eagles offense could very well fatigue the Giants defense with their tempo. The Eagles don’t set up the pass with their running game like many NFL teams do. The Eagles set up the run with their passing game and use short passes as a pseudo-running game.

That is why this game could be a disaster for the Giants. The Giants stop the run well, boasting the number 2 rushing defense in the league. The Giants cannot rush the passer, and it helps create major problems in their secondary. When you consider the matchup concerns this game could be an ugly one for the Giants.

The Giants have lost three of their last four games against the Eagles and haven’t beaten them since week 8 of the 2013 season. Kelly has had Tom Coughlin’s number lately to say the least. The Giants look like the better team. That is why they have a chance to go to 4-2 and sink the Eagles to 2-4. But taking the Eagles lightly… that would be a big mistake.

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