New York Giants: Lack of Pass Rush Troubles Team


If you would have told me this offseason that the New York Giants run defense would rank up with the best in the game I wouldn’t have believed you. If you told me that the Giants would be one of the least effective pass rushing teams in the league, I’d be just as stunned.

Everyone knew losing a player like Jason Pierre-Paul was going to affect the team. The Giants though seemed equipped with plenty of pass rushers to pick up the slack. They drafted Owa Odighizuwa who the Giants have big expectations for. They have the young and talented pass rushers in Damontre Moore and Kerry Wynn. Johnathan Hankins had 7 sacks last season as a defensive tackle. Robert Ayers missing time has been detrimental.

Despite the Giants having talent at the pass rushing positions, the team has struggled to get to the quarterback and disrupt the passing game of their opponent. The Giants have given up more passing yards per game than any team in the NFL this season. Without pressuring the quarterback there is a lot of pressure on a patched together secondary.

The Giants have only 7 quarterback sacks this season which ranks 27th in the NFL. There clearly is a problem. It isn’t a lack of talent (though Pierre-Paul would have helped in this department). The defense is playing aggressive too under defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo. So why can’t the defense get to the quarterback?

The Giants have played some very good offensive lines. The Cowboys and Bills have very big and physical offensive lineman that are some of the best in the game. But the Falcons and Redskins have a mediocre offensive line at best. There is one thing the Giants opponents all have in common, their quarterbacks have been able to shred this secondary with a quick release.

Good pass rush hides problems in the secondary but good coverage allows for more sacks. It is a balancing act. The Giants secondary needs to make their opponent hold the ball a little longer by taking away options in their passing game. Otherwise the Giants pass rush won’t even have a chance to get pressure on the QB.

The Giants run defense is clearly improved but the unit has a long way to go. There is much work to be done. The Giants need to generate more pass rush if they want to be a contender this season.

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