Prince Amukamara Injury Gives Eagles One-Up On Giants


The New York Giants are on quite a roll lately and hopefully that roll is here to stay. If there is one team that could stop all this success, it’s the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles and Giants have one of the greatest rivalries in the NFL. That is partly because they always crush the Giants when they are on a high note. An injury to one of the Giants’ top cornerbacks, Prince Amukamara, does not help the situation. He is out two to four weeks with a partially torn pectoral muscle.

Despite their recent struggles, the Eagles have been at the top of their game. Sam Bradford is finally starting to find his groove and the results look scary. The promised high-octane Eagles’ offense is here and it looks very hard to slow down.

Losing Prince Amukamara is only going to make matters worse for the Giants. Shutting down Jordan Matthews is going to be no easy task. Despite getting off to a slow start, Nelson Agholor should have an eye kept on him as well. It’s only a matter of time before he shows why the Eagles’ drafted him.

If there is one thing that the Giants are worried about, it’s still finishing games. They went about it the right way these past couple of weeks, but make no mistake they give bad teams big opportunities. Even though they deserved to beat the San Francisco 49ers, the Giants were one bad throw away from a huge upset loss.

That is partly the fault of the Giants’ defense. Most teams who play the 49ers eat Colin Kaepernick alive, chew him, and spit him out. The Giants let him find a groove and almost handed the 49ers a win.

That can’t happen against the Eagles because they are going to be much harder to put away. Their offense has a lot more talent and could do much more damage. Shutting down the pass is going to be most important for the Giants in this game because the Giants’ run defense is solid. Coping with the loss of Amukamara hopefully isn’t too much of a blow for the Giants to give up a huge divisional game.

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