New York Giants: The Way They Lost Was Unacceptable


The New York Giants lost a game to the Philadelphia Eagles, it happens. There are no easy games in the NFL, going to a raucous Philadelphia to play a prime time, NFC East battle is as tough as it gets. The loss puts the Giants at 3-3 and everything they want to achieve is still a possibility. With that perspective the loss isn’t the end of the world but the way the Giants performed was frankly unacceptable.

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The Giants executed on their first drive and it was a thing of beauty. There was absolutely no reason that they couldn’t continue to play well. In fact it looked like the Giants were hot and they would burn the Eagles badly. Then DeMeco Ryans steals a pass from the hands of Larry Donnell and everything went down hill from there.

What hurts the Giants faithful the most is that they Eagles really didn’t play all that well. Sam Bradford threw three interceptions. The Eagles also had a should have been costly fumble. They were penalized nine times for 72 yards. The Eagles did not play a sharp game and yet they won by 20 points. That’s what is so frustrating about this game.

The Giants just rolled over and played dead offensively, or at least it looked like that. Actually at times that may have been more effective. The Giants gave the ball away three times themselves and relied on Brad Wing way too much with 8 punts.

The Giants were 4-13 on third down conversion attempts. Their failed conversion on fourth down was pretty symbolic to the night they had. Rashad Jennings took a hand off and hesitated as he went off the tackle. Instead of hitting the point of attack and plowing forward he overthought the situation. I don’t know if the Giants over thought the situation or if they were just pressing (making it worse) but they certainly couldn’t stay out of their own way.

I leave you with this thought. How many games do you lose when you score on the opening possession, you force four turnovers and the other team plays sloppy football? There are thousands of little things to vent on in this game but that is the take home message. How many times can the Giants lose a game in the worst way this season? It is unacceptable and it is as simple as that.

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