Giants Game Day Coverage: Predicting The Outcome


The Giants play the Buccaneers at 4:05 today and it is time to tell you what I think is going to happen. While I doubt there will be a combined 13 passing touchdowns in this game (that was a truly unique moment) I do think this will be a shootout. The Giants and Buccaneers can both light up the scoreboard and I think they will both show that ability today.

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I don’t trust the Giants defense. I don’t know how anybody really could. They have given up big play after big play. When they face competent quarterbacks they give up big time yardage to them. The Giants have the worst pass defense in the NFL. They will be without Prince Amukamara again and the pass rush will not magically be solved with the return of Jason Pierre-Paul.

I do however trust the Giants offense. The Giants have the ability to shine offensively and have done so this season with the exception of a couple clunker games. Eli Manning was magnificent last week. He is having an incredible season and he is showing why he earned so much money from the Giants.

The Buccaneers offense is competent, in fact they are 11th in the NFL in yards per game. They will make this game very interesting. Jameis Winston is playing well in his rookie season, at least he has beaten my low expectations. Winston has limited the turnovers that were so problematic earlier in the season. The Giants know though that this is a rookie quarterback and Steve Spagnuolo will bring every look he can his way. The Giants defense needs to continue being more opportunistic than good.

I predict that the Giants will win a 35-31 shootout. At the end of the day I have to go with Eli Manning over Jameis Winston. The Giants defense will capitalize on at least one big mistake from Winston and Manning will have another near flawless performance. It is a good game to have fantasy football players in. The Giants will come away victorious.