New York Giants: A Bad Team In A Bad Division


In the past two weeks the conversation changed from how the New York Giants could walk away with the NFC East crown to whether or not they can even sneak into the playoffs? With a 5-7 record it is time to admit that the Giants are not a very good football team. The Giants have lost three straight games. They are not playing playoff worthy football.

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The Giants started the season with two heart-wrenching losses. In both games they surrendered fourth quarter leads. The Giants made us optimistic, winning the next three games. Yet it was all an illusion. Giants fans saw what they wanted to see. They then got clobbered by an equally unimpressive Philadelphia Eagles team. The Giants played so poorly that they lost despite grabbing four Eagles turnovers.

That Eagles game was the telling moment of the Giants season. With the stakes high and the national spotlight on them in prime time, Big Blue had their most embarrassing performance of the season. That is not what a good football team does. Since that loss the team is a pungent 2-4.

To be fair the Giants were in two incredible games against the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots. Though giving up 52 points to the Saints is more troubling than anything you can take from that game. Who cares if you can put up 49 points in a dome against a team that couldn’t stop a nose bleed? They lost the game. The Giants gave the Patriots a run for their money. It was a good game. Though it is only fair to mention that the Giants had every chance to win that game and they couldn’t finish it.

The Giants have beautiful puzzle pieces. Eli Manning and Odell Beckham are corner pieces. But to ignore the lack of talent in so many key positions is impossible. The Giants offensive line struggled in the big moments of the season and now injuries have made it even worse. The Giants rushing attack lacks any consistency. The Giants have four running backs because none of them have played all that great.

The Giants have had little to no pass rush this season. It was nice to see them pressure Ryan Fitzpatrick but it doesn’t fix an entire season of underperforming. The Giants have been opportunistic in getting turnovers but their opponents have been equally opportunistic on long and costly scoring drives. The Giants have a couple of the corner pieces but we cannot ignore the holes in the middle of the puzzle.

The Giants have had every opportunity to win the NFC East. Tony Romo went down. The Eagles have been just as bad as the Giants. The Redskins almost let them complete a comeback. Every team is clumped up at 5-7. Every team is clumped at 5-7 for a reason. The NFC East is a bad division and the Giants are a bad team.