New York Giants: Are They Wasting Good Offense?


The New York Giants have a top 10 offense in the NFL. They are currently ranked 7th in total yards. Eli Manning is having a great season. Odell Beckham Jr. has been absolutely sensational. With that said the Giants are just 6-7. Are the Giants wasting good offense?

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The answer is complicated. The statistics are rather misleading. The Giants have struggled running the football. They have had several games where the offense was practically a no show. The Giants are also a pass happy team, that has played in high scoring games. The offense is good in certain respects, but it is not as elite as stats would suggest.

However the offense is doing enough to win games. The defense is not holding up its’ end of the bargain. In all but two games this season the Giants have built a fourth quarter lead, yet they have 7 losses. All but two of the Giants losses have a familiar pattern. They lost 27-26 in the opener as Jason Witten scored a last second touchdown. They lost to the Patriots by the same score to a last second field goal. They surrendered leads to the Jets and Falcons. They lost 52-49 to the New Orleans Saints in what should be called the “The No Defense Bowl.” It’s the same story all season long.

Surely the Giants offense is partly to blame. A lack of ability to close out a game and to burn the game clock is problematic. But in every instance I just mentioned, the defense gave the lead away. 16 sacks in 13 game and the worst pass defense in football just isn’t good enough.

The Giants clearly have problems on both sides of the football. The one thing they absolutely have going for them is on the offense. Eli Manning is playing amazing football. Odell Beckham Jr. is incredible. Those two players are everything for the Giants. The defense has to help though, it’s that simple.