Giants Vs. Vikings: Game Preview


The New York Giants have just two more games left in the season, the first of which is against the Minnesota Vikings. Eli Manning will have to outduel Teddy Bridgewater and company to keep their playoff aspirations a reality. The Giants will be tested against a strong defense and they will also have to stop the league’s best rusher, Adrian Peterson.

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The Vikings offense has been a bit predictable. They like to feed Adrian Peterson the rock for obvious reasons. The passing game feeds off the running game and Bridgewater’s mobility. Expect a lot of play-action passes and bootlegs. Bridgewater has thrown mostly short passes this season because the offensive line has been so weak.

Every week we say that maybe the Giants pass rush can get going but it never really does. There is no excuse not to get after the quarterback in this contest. You may not get sacks but you need to at least pressure the Vikings athletic passer. The Giants defense needs to step up in this one. The Vikings have a tough defense and taking a little pressure off the offense would be nice.

The best defense for the Giants may be their offense though. If the Giants can get ahead on the scoreboard and make the Vikings abandon the run, things could go the Giants way. That being said if the Giants don’t get adequate pressure on Bridgewater, he will slice the defense apart. The former Louisville QB is very accurate and has great arm talent.

The Giants offensive and defensive front will be tested. If Big Blue wants to win this game they have to play big. They have to play tough and win the line of scrimmage. If the Giants can win up front they have a good chance of winning this game. That being said I have my reservations about the Giants ability to bully the Vikings.

I think the Vikings will win this game. This has all the makings of a matchup the Giants don’t want to see. They don’t want to see the Vikings front seven. They don’t want to see Adrian Peterson. This game will be won by the toughest team at the line of scrimmage and I believe that to be the Vikings.