New York Giants: The Eagles Are Their Kryptonite


Superman wears a blue suit and a red capeand as powerful as the hero is, kryptonite is his weakness. With a similar color scheme the New York Giants face their kyrptonite in week 17. Fitting the metaphor the Philidelphia Eagles (who have beaten the Giants four straight times) wear green.

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The first meeting snapped a 3 game win streak for the Giants. Just when you thought I was getting positive on you, the Giants had a clunker of a game. The Giants lost the Monday night game 27-7. The game was a slopfest in which the Eagles dominated despite turning the football over four times.

The Eagles simply have the number of the Giants. There have been few NFL teams that Chip Kelly straight up dominates in competition. The Giants are one of those teams. Last season it was 27-0, this season the Giants managed to muster a touchdown. It seems like the Giants always lay an egg against the Eagles.

The Giants season went on a downward spiral at that point. After getting to 3-2 after an 0-2 start it looked as if Big Blue had found the big answers they were looking for. The Giants were on a roll.

There is no doubting that the Eagles are the Giants kryptonite. They have their ugliest games against Philidelphia for a reason. With big ramifications in this season finale, one can only hope the Giants can flip the script in this rivalry.

This is when the Eli Manning interceptions start to happen. This is when the offense just suddenly vanishes. The problem is that the Eagles haven’t even been good. The Eagles are 6-7 which means they are just as messed up as the Giants. The big difference is that when these two teams meet the Eagles haven’t flinched.