Odell Beckham Avoids Madden Curse And Sophomore Slump


Odell Beckham graced the cover of EA Sport’s 2015 addition of the Madden football video game. Many stars have suffered horrible fates the year they were on the Madden cover. Stars like Ray Lewis and Michael Vick both sustained season ending injuries. By now you are well aware of the Madden curse.

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Before the season people predicted that Beckham would suffer a sophomore slump. The thought process was that the Giants superstar could not possibly maintain the level of play in his rookie season. The league had to catch on to Beckham right? Well this rhetoric ended up being complete nonsense.

Beckham has made the same dazzling receptions as he did last season. He has been the only consistent weapon for the Giants. Everyone knows that Eli Manning is going to feed the star receiver and said star receiver makes big plays any way. It is very clear that stopping Beckham is just about impossible. The best defense to Beckham is getting to Eli Manning before he throws the football.

The Madden curse is really a thing of the past. It was a series of strange coincidences that led to the hype of the Madden Curse in the first place. One thing I never really believed in was the idea of sophomore slumps. When the player is just as talented as he was, why would there be a drop off in his production?

Beckham was well beyond what was expected of him last year. Even if he did have a drop off, he would probably have a decent season. The worry about the Madden curse and a repeat performance in his second year have proven to be silly.