Why Dak not reaching a contract extension is a win for NY Giants

It may not seem like a huge win on the surface, but Dak Prescott not reaching an extension with the Cowboys is a huge win for the NY Giants.

Listen, I think it’s fair to say that no reasonable NY Giants fan is expecting the team to go on a Super Bowl run or to be serious contenders in 2020. So, behind that logic, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott not reaching a contract extension in a year where a record number of that occurred  – may not seem to matter that much.

That take would be wrong.

I don’t know about you, but I consider the Dallas Cowboys to be our most hated rivals – just barely above the Eagles, obviously – and anything that negatively affects their future is good news for the NY Giants.

To say this negatively affects the Dallas Cowboys’ future would be the understatement of the century, and with the G-Men aiming to really get on the NFL playoff radar in 2021, this comes as extremely welcome news.

For starters, we haven’t beat Dallas in three years, and if Dak does, in fact, hold out (I don’t believe he will), our chances of beating them in 2020 and ending that embarrassing streak go up dramatically in 2020 with Andy Dalton at the helm (no disrespect to the Red Rifle).

By the way, if you’re a frugal Dallas Cowboys fan, it might be time to just go ahead and buy an Andy Dalton jersey now as they’ll be much more expensive should he end up the starter (only half kidding).

Even if he doesn’t hold out of regular-season action, you can bet he won’t be a happy camper, literally, as there’s no shot he steps on the field for training camp which will have a massive negative effect on the team’s chemistry under a totally new coaching staff.

We’ve never seen Dak play under anyone but Jason Garrett, and you simply can’t understate how important it is for a quarterback and head coach being on the same page is; Mike McCarthy will have his hands full in that regard.

Next, as I’ve explained before, the Dallas Cowboys’ window may have already come in gone due to them never winning anything with Dak on his rookie deal which is the secret sauce to success in today’s NFL.

So now, Dak’s monster $31M salary only adds to the most top-heavy salary cap situation in the league, as the Cowboys now have seven players whose average salary is top-five for their position; not exactly how you want to run your salary cap.

If Dallas expects to keep Dak past 2020, it’ll cost them at minimum $38M if they franchise him again in 2021 and much more if they extend him, especially after the massive extension Pat Mahomes just signed in Kansas City.

So while this may not have all that much do to with the NY Giants and Dallas Cowboys rivalry in 2020, Jerry Jones failing to get a deal done with his star QB will have lasting effects on the team.

Jones has been ahead of the curve on contract negotiations for quite some time now, but he got too cute here, both sides played chicken arguing over a one-year difference in contract length, and now they’ve both lost for the time being.

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While the NY Giants surely have many of their own issues to worry about, any bad news for the Dallas Cowboys is great news for the NY Giants.

We’ll take anything we can get at this point, and the thought of an unhappy Dak playing under a new coach, or Andy Dalton taking his place, warms my heart.


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