Watch Brian Daboll blow a gasket on the sideline after rough offensive start

Brian Daboll, NY Giants. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)
Brian Daboll, NY Giants. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images) /

Brian Daboll is not happy with the performance of his offense yet again. After blowing a gasket on NY Giants signal-caller Daniel Jones last week after his horrible redzone interception, Daboll lost it on the entire offense this time around.

After Dane Belton forced a Chuba Hubbard fumble on the opening kickoff setting up the Giants in the redzone, the Giants offense stalled and had to settle for a field goal. On the Giants following drive, after the defense forced a Robbie Anderson fumble, the offense drove right down the field but on third-and-goal from the two-yard line, Jones was stopped, and the Giants had settle for another field goal. As you can imagine, daboll was not happy.

Another slow start had NY Giants head coach Brian Daboll furious

It is extremely refreshing to see Daboll let the offense hear it after poor execution. The expectations are high again in New York after the season-opening win against Tennessee, and the offensive performance has been nothing short of abysmal so far.

The Giants offensive line is struggling to get push up front against the good Carolina defensive line, which has led to a day of struggles for Saquon Barkley, who hasn’t been able to break free for any big runs thus far.

Daboll’s frustration and lack of patience with the offense will be interesting to watch as the season progresses. Daboll continues to send a message to his team and the fanbase: poor play will no longer be tolerated in New York. While no players have been benched as of yet, it’s fair to wonder what it would take for Daboll to make in-game changes.

The Giants defense is playing their butts off today, and for so long the defensive unit has been the reason Giants have won games. The NFL is an offensive league, and it has been proven that you can’t consistently win games unless your offense is scoring around 24 points a game. Hopefully, Daboll’s frustration lights a fuse under his offense, as they need to wake up for the second half.