Demarcus Lawrence trolling Daniel Jones and Eli Manning won’t end well for him

Daniel Jones, NY Giants. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Daniel Jones, NY Giants. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

This rivalry just keeps getting better and better. That’s right, we’re talking about the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, two franchises who despise one another. Regardless of how the teams are performing, there’s always going to be a ton of drama whenever they meet. Leave it to Demarcus Lawrence to spice things up a bit leading up to Monday Night Football.

As it turns out, the star Dallas defensive end used to refer to Eli Manning as ‘Little Eli’ whenever he’d go up against him. When asked about getting ready for Daniel Jones, Lawrence decided to take a shot at Danny Dimes and the Giants legend all in one. Oh my.

Cowboys DE Demarcus Lawrence takes a shot at Daniel Jones

Lawrence, who has 11 total tackles on the year thus far, is quite confident leading up to the Monday Night Football showdown at MetLife Stadium. From the swag Lawrence is showcasing, he must think he’s going to be able to just swim through the NY offensive line and take down Jones a time or two without any kind of an issue. Andrew Thomas, Evan Neal and the rest of the hosses will surely have something to say about that.

Overall, Lawrence bashing Jones is one thing, but also trying to bring down Manning? That’s an offense that could get you banned from countless delis over in New Jersey. Let’s also not forget that Manning has won two Super Bowls, both with the G-Men. Let’s just say life in the postseason for the Cowboys hasn’t gone according to plan for them in recent years.

Lawrence hasn’t even come close to sniffing a Lombardi Trophy either, which is why plenty of NY fans are calling him out on Twitter. Come Monday night at MetLife, we’ll see if Jones is able to silence Lawrence and the Cowboys defense with some big throws.

Jones is in need of a strong game to silence some of his haters too. If Jones doesn’t play well, though, perhaps this ‘Little Eli’ nickname for him will stick with the Dallas faithful. No one in NY wants that to be the case.