Even Nick Sirianni knows the Empire State Building blew it with honoring the Eagles

Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

Remember last month when the Empire State Building went green to give the Eagles props after their NFC Championship Game win over the 49ers? Of course you do. Heck, you were probably livid just like countless other people out there. It was a terrible decison and NY Giants fans still can’t believe it happened.

This weekend, the Eagles are all set to play in the Super Bowl and head coach Nick Sirianni is ready to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Philly. The young head coach was asked about NYC showing the Eagles love after the San Francisco game, and he couldn’t help but laugh about the situation.

There’s no way the favor would have been returned in the City of Brotherly Love if it was the G-Men heading to Glendale, Sirianni told reporter Peter King in a recent interview.

Nick Sirianni is ready for the Empire State Building to go green again

"“That would not happen in Philadelphia,” Sirianni told King. “It just wouldn’t, but Eagles fans are everywhere.”"

We know Eagles fans are everywhere, which has made this whole situation even more annoying. Now, just about everyone in New York is on their knees hoping that the Kansas City Chiefs will be able to come out on top of what should be a thrilling Super Bowl on Sunday.

If the Eagles capture the glory, Giants fans are surely going to want to go into hiding for a few months. Not only that, but the Empire State Building said it would go green once again if Philly beats Kansas City. This madness can’t continue, which is why the Chiefs have a lot more supporters in their corner for the season finale.

The Giants-Eagles rivalry has really been heating up over the last month. Things didn’t go so great for Big Blue in the Divisional Round, but several jabs, including Julian Love calling out Sirianni, have been exchanged. More should be on the way after the Super Bowl, but let’s hope it’s following a Philly loss and not a win.