Michael Strahan calls out Empire State Building employee for supporting the Eagles

Michael Strahan, NY Giants. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Michael Strahan, NY Giants. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

It’s almost crazy to imagine that people would think no one would blink twice about seeing the Empire State Building going green. Big Blue nation hasn’t forgotten about that display of Philly love in Manhattan, and matter of fact, a lot of people would like to put that totally in the past. This is something that just won’t go away, however.

And if you ask NY Giants legend Michael Strahan, whoever was responsible for the color switch should be looking for a new job as soon as possible. Strahan hated seeing the huge landmark donning Eagles colors and you better believe he doesn’t want to see the same nonsense repeated after the Super Bowl.

Michael Strahan hated seeing the Empire State Building don Eagles colors

Strahan having this kind of a reaction isn’t surprising to see at all. Countless fans and fellow team legends were up in arms when such a decision was made. Thankfully, things didn’t last long, as the Empire State Building made yet another switch when the Kansas City Chiefs took down the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship Game.

Looking ahead to Sunday, let’s hope whoever made this terrible call in the first place is enjoying a night off from work. No one in New York wants to see the 102-story building turn green again. Julian Love was furious too and a lot of his teammates share the same feeling.

What makes this all more ridiculous is that Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni even laughed off what happened and admitted that nothing like this would ever happen in Philly if the Giants won the NFC Championship Game or the Super Bowl.

With all of that said, let’s just leave the Philly love off the table. What’s next, we honor the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Commanders in NYC? Nope, never going to happen. Big Blue is always going to be loved in the greatest city on the planet. Let the celebrations for the team in green happen in Philly, not our stomping grounds.