5 bold predictions for the NY Giants in the 2024 NFL Draft

Expect the unexpected from Joe Schoen in the NFL Draft
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3. A Darius Slayton trade will be on the way

Darius Slayton has been a solid veteran wide receiver for the Giants, however he needs a new contract in the near future. Slayton had 50 catches, 770 yards and four touchdowns in 2023. Don’t make much about him not coming to voluntary workouts, but could his contract issues lead to a trade?

Trade rumors have arrived from the moment it was revealed Slayton is not happy with his contract situation. Joe Schoen wasted no time in saying that he has a lot of love for his WR, but that there have been no discussions about extending him at this time. Last offseason, Slayton signed a two-year, $12.2 million deal.

He's now entering the final year of that contract, but he's looking for long-term financial stability. After leading the Giants in receiving in four out of the last five years, many fans are calling for Schoen to make him happy, while others are hoping the GM can add a third or fourth-round pick for him. If the right offer is put on the table, we could see Slayton sent to a new squad.