4 drastic changes the NY Giants and Brian Daboll should consider

Some tough calls are needed for the G-Men before it's too late

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3. Move Evan Neal to right guard

The first four weeks of the season have not been kind to Evan Neal at all. Not only has he been playing terribly, but with his recent comments attacking fans, it's likely that he won't be getting much support from New Yorkers for a while unless he turns his play around. With how poor everything's been going for the second-year tackle, could it be time to move him elsewhere on the line?

Neal, through 184 pass-blocking snaps, has allowed 20 pressures, one sack, and three penalties, earning a PFF pass-blocking grade of 40.6. This is far from ideal and when watching the film, it becomes clear that his main issue relates to his burst off the line, or lack thereof. While this is something that likely should've been fixed in the offseason, a good way to help Neal out could be to potentially move him inside.

While his hand placement and footwork may not improve, it will become much simpler for the sophomore to deal with heavier, slower interior linemen as opposed to speed rushers off the edge. Regardless of what the Giants opt to do with Neal, something has to change, as the team can't allow him to keep playing so poorly at such an important position.

In general, things need to change with the Giants' offensive line. A good place to start would be shifting Neal to the interior. Not only would this give someone like Matt Peart or Josh Ezeudu the chance to prove themselves, but it could also save Neal's career from disaster.