Latest Brian Daboll NY Giants rumors are complete and total nonsense

Media members are trying to bring down Coach Dabes for no reason

New England Patriots v New York Giants
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When you're 4-8 on the season after being named the 2022 NFL Coach of the Year, you're going to be an easy target for people to go after. This has been the case for NY Giants head man Brian Daboll, with people coming after him left and right.

Earlier this week, podcaster John Middlekauff went on The Volume Sports to discuss what's going on between the Big Blue coaching staff. If you ask Middlekauff, which literally no one was, assistants on both sides of the ball have had it with Daboll and they can't stand the way he acts both on and off the field. This just seems like a whole lot of BS:

Rumors are flying Giants coaches don't like working with Brian Daboll

In this clip, it seems like just about everyone on the staff can't stand Daboll, with offensive coordinator Mike Kafka and defensive coordinator Wink Martindale of course being featured. With Wink, there's been reports of tension rising between the two for the past few weeks.

Leading up to the win over the Commanders, FOX's Jay Glazer reported that things indeed were rocky between Daboll and his DC. From that moment, speculation grew that Martindale potentially wouldn't make it through to the end of the season.

In that game vs. the Commanders, Martindale's defense was exceptional, posting five turnovers. This included the game-sealing interception by Isaiah Simmons, which the former first-rounder took back to the house for an epic score. Everyone loved seeing that, especially Coach Dabes.

With how poor things have gone for the G-Men in 2023, it's easy to point fingers and try to divide the locker room. Fans aren't buying into any of this crap, especially with players openly saying to the media that everything is fine and they don't pay attention to the outside noise. These new Daboll rumors feel like a whole lot of nothing.