New angle of Andrew Thomas hamstring injury is a bad look for Brian Daboll

The All-Pro LT had no business playing for so long with his injured hamstring

Carolina Panther vs New York Giants
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On top of the blowout loss to the Dallas Cowboys, things are only being made worse with some injuries popping up for the NY Giants. Among them is the horrible news that All-Pro left tackle Andrew Thomas injured his hamstring.

We'll know more about Thomas' health on Wednesday, per Brian Daboll, but it's fully up in the air if he'll be healthy enough to play against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. With that said, Thomas really had no business being out on the field in the second half.

Thomas injured himself on special teams trying to chase down Noah Igbinoghene on the 58-yard return off the blocked Graham Gano field goal. Thomas was banged up, but fought through the pain. On the Daniel Jones pick-six, Thomas also tried to make a play, but a new angle of him trying to chase down DaRon Bland shows that he had no business staying out on the field after this:

Andrew Thomas could miss Week 2 for the NY Giants vs. the Arizona Cardinals

Let's be clear that Brian Daboll has been sensational from the moment he landed in East Rutherford. However, with the way the game was playing out, he needed to remove Thomas from the game much sooner than he did. That video above shows you just how banged up he was.

Who knows how much more damage Thomas did to his body by trying to ignore the pain and help his team out in a game that proved to be a lost cause. Not only that, but plenty of people were questioning Daboll for having Jones play late in the fourth quarter despite the game being over.

We fully understand wanting to get something positive done on offense before the lights were turned off, but come on, this is Thomas ($117.5 million extension) and Jones ($160 million deal) we're talking about here. Coach Dabes needs to be more careful moving forward.

Later this week, we'll find out how Thomas is feeling ahead of the weekend, but if he's set to miss some playing time, it will be a nightmare for New York. This offensive line can't function without AT out there.

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