New clip shows where Saquon Barkley beef started with fan at Dolphins game

The Pro Bowl running back was not happy with a fan calling out Daniel Jones in Miami

New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals / Michael Owens/GettyImages

You've probably seen it by now, but a video went viral on Sunday of NY Giants running back Saquon Barkley getting into it with a random fan. Barkley was absolutely furious, throwing multiple expletives at the guy in the stands.

Now we know exactly what got No. 26 so fired up. Thanks to a new clip that has made its way to social media, the unknown fan in question was blasting Daniel Jones, yelling at him that he sucks, while the QB was making his way into the blue tent. Barkley heard this and lost it:

Giants RB Saquon Barkley didn't waste a second in defending Daniel Jones

Yup, Saquon isn't going to let that slide. Ryan Dunleavy has a point here too. Who trashes on a guy after he not only takes a massive hit, but then also has to be helped off the field and needs further examanation in the medical tent?

Sure, go after him for poor play if he's standing on the sidelines, but it's a terrible low to rip the poor guy when he's injured like this. Barkley saw everything go down and heard what the fan had to say, which caused for him to blow a gasket. Have we ever seen Barkley this upset before?

Unfortunately for both Barkley and Jones, it's unknown if either will be able to play this weekend in the Week 6 tilt with the Bills. Barkley has been out since Week 2 with his high-ankle sprain suffered against the Cardinals. As for Jones, he injured his neck last Sunday and he's missed practice in back-to-back days.

At this point, it seems unlikely that No. 26 and No. 8 will be able to suit up, but the hope is that they'll for sure be out on the field at MetLife Stadium against the Commanders next Sunday. Barkley and Jones are needed back ASAP for this offense. As for guy in Miami who trolled Jones - grow up, dude.