Even Tom Brady called out the refs for robbing the Giants in the Bills game

Tom Brady thinks a flag should have been thrown at the end of Sunday Night Football
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Yes, everyone is trying to move on from the Week 6 loss to the Buffalo Bills, but come on, you can admit that you're still a little ticked off about how things ended for the NY Giants. On the final play of the 14-9 loss for the G-Men, Darren Waller was assaulted in the end zone, yet no flag hit the turf.

A penalty is called on this kind of play 99.9 percent of the time, but of course the Giants got jobbed. Waller and Brian Daboll took the high road and they didn't blast the refs. In a surprising turn of events, future Hall of Famer Tom Brady discussed the play on the 'Let's Go' podcast and he said a penalty had to be called there.

Tom Brady knows the Giants and Darren Waller deserved better from the SNF officials

"It's definitely a penalty. There was obviously a holding, they just didn't call it."

Tom Brady

You mean to tell us that Brady, who lost two Super Bowls against Big Blue, is openly saying that the Giants should have been given one more play at the end of that Sunday Night Football clash? What more proof do we need that the group in stripes 100 percent blew it?

You can watch this clip 50 times and your mind likely won't change that Taron Johnson was all over Waller. He grabbed at his jersey and prevented him from going after the ball with both hands. It's simply disgusting that the ref in the back of the end zone thought this was perfectly legal.

For the Giants fanbase, they're trying to put this tough loss behind them, but it still stings. Had the Giants gotten one more play, they could have potentially stolen the win and improved to 2-4 on the year. Instead, Coach Dabes and Co. are 1-5 and currently projected to have a Top 5 pick in the '24 NFL Draft. This sucks all around and even TB12 is showing some sympathy toward the NFC East side.