Watch NY radio host blast Wink Martindale for starting NY Giants offseason drama

Here's what Sal Licata had to say about the everlasting Brian Daboll and Wink Martindale saga

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As time passes, an increasing number of reports and opinions have arrived from the dramatic "break-up" between Brian Daboll and Wink Martindale. What once appeared to be a lifelong partnership quickly turned sour for the NY Giants, which has been rough to see.

Throughout the bulk of the season, tension and disagreements brewed, leaving all parties discontent. A Jay Glazer report added fuel to the fire, as it was made clear that something was off between Wink and Coach Dabes. Glazer made it seem like a parting of ways was likely on the way.

"When I talk to people inside that organization, they're saying the tension between Daboll and Martindale — you can feel it. It's just getting worse, and it's odd that it's happened considering the success they had last season together."

Jay Glazer

So, who's to blame for all of this? Martindale has already left East Rutherford and he's interviewing for other positions. If you ask WFAN's Sal Licata, Martindale is fully at fault for all of the drama that has been surrounding the team in recent weeks. He LAID into Martindale and plenty of Big Blue supporters agree with him:

Wink Martindale and the NY Giants had a nasty divorce

Per Licata, former Giants' coaches, including Martindale, had the audacity to leak their issues and disagreements to the media, but lacked the courage to address them face-to-face with Daboll. It certainly sounds like the behavior of someone lacking the gall to stand on his actions, and instead decided to tuck his tail between his legs. Having issues or disagreements with Daboll is one thing, but spotlighting it on the national stage while remaining anonymous is another.

With Martindale, along with multiple other assistants gone via resigning or being fired, it's time for the Giants to shed themselves of this offseason drama and refocus on the primary goal. Coach Daboll's priority is securing a new defensive coordinator and fostering a more positive, dialogue-driven staff.

Amidst the behind-the-scenes turmoil of 2023, let's hope that a new season and new faces bring a fresh aura and attitude to a Giants coaching staff and team that desperately needs it. Daboll has already gotten things started by hiring Joel Thomas and Carmen Bricollo, but a Martindale replacement remains a top priority for the offseason. It could happen soon too.