2015 Pro Bowl: Odell Beckham Shines on Team Irvin


New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham went from being snubbed to making a start for Team Irvin in this season’s NFL Pro Bowl after the Detroit Lions’ own Calvin Johnson skipped out. Beckham was very active in the game as well, playing throughout all four quarters of play after leading all wide receivers in receiving yards during the first half. Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb started alongside Beckham.

Beckham’s highlight of the night came on a 48-yard grab over the middle of the field from Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. Beckham ran a post-route over the deep middle, then dove with his knees dragging to reel in the catch. The play exhibited his superior concentration along with his ability to go after the football with his hands rather than wait for it to come to him.

Beckham put up five catches for 89 receiving yards on the night altogether and let others know that he is here to make some noise in this league. Michael Irvin drafted Beckham early on for his team because Beckham is the kind of player who plays hard no matter the stakes. Beckham shows that hunger and competitiveness.

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Stafford and Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan were happy to have him as Beckham is earning a lot of praise amongst his peers. With the return of Victor Cruz for the Giants next season, Beckham will be a huge factor in putting the Giants offense over the top.

Beckham just recently admitted that he had been playing through two torn hamstrings. Just imagine the type of production that he can put up over the course of an entire regular season while not feeling the ill-effects of a torn hamstring.

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