Super Bowl 2015: Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch Goes Beast Mode on Media Day


There are a lot of festivities that go on during Super Bowl week, but the one even that everyone looks forward too is Media Day. Thousands of media outlets filed in the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona to hear from the New England Patriots and the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks.

Every year, something funny or crazy seems to happen on media day and has actually gained some popularity. For the past couple years, the NFL Network has given access to everyone around the country to see what both teams have to say. One saying that was flying through the roof Tuesday was “I’m here so I won’t get fined” and no one said it better than Seahawks running back, Marshawn Lynch.

The Lynch podium was vastly getting filled up and it was much anticipated as he was facing a $500,000 fine from the NFL if he didn’t attend Media Day. Everyone was interested to what “The Beast” had to say, but the moment he walked up, everyone had the feeling that nothing was going to come out.

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Lynch was the first one to walk out and had this demeanor about him wearing sunglasses and looking relaxed. The star running back walked up and warned all the media outlets that were in attendance that no matter what question they ask, he will repeat the same answer. That’s exactly what happened–so he won’t get fined.

Reporters continued to ask Lynch questions, but “Beast Mode” was on for Lynch. He stuck to his story and repeated, “I’m here so I won’t get fined” 25 times in a span of four and a half minutes. That’s the minimum requirement for players, so Lynch clocked in the minimum and walked away.

Lynch might have said one statement, but expressed a different one to the media. For a person who isn’t afraid of a 300-pound man trying to put him down, he certainly didn’t look like a beast in front of people holding up cameras and notepads.

Seahawks’ HC Pete Carroll talked about “uniqueness” in his players and everyone sees it on the field, but when it came time to show some professionalism off the field, Lynch contradicted his own coach’s comments. Even the outspoken corner back Richard Sherman showed his participation and proved that he can handle the media.

The main question is will the league react to Lynch’s comment? With all this deflate-gate scandal, I highly doubt it, but it should be looked into. Lynch showed no participation on Media Day even if he was there so he won’t get fined.

Great players are remembered because of two reasons, rings and class. Sure, Lynch has a ring and may even get a second one, but he needs to find his class. Lynch is no doubt a beast on the field, but maybe sometimes “Beast Mode” just doesn’t work for him off the field.

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