New York Giants 2015 NFL Draft Standards


The 2015 NFL Draft is quickly approaching. Here are the standards that the New York Giants must have when selecting the newest members to join and hopefully make strides with the organization.

The first round selection has to be a sure thing, a superstar who can make an instant impact. Waiting on potential of a top draft pick gets coaches fired. There is nothing more sacred than the first round draft pick. This is especially true for the Giants, who have the 9th overall selection in the draft.

Odell Beckham Jr. is a great example of what a first round draft pick should be. Beckham won the rookie of the year award at the NFL Honors after a phenomenal season. This is what you want in a first round pick, a sure thing that comes in and changes everything.

The second round pick should be a starter. There is less of an investment in a 2nd round pick, so it is okay to draft a great talent that maybe a bit raw or needs some coaching. The player taken in the second round has to work his way into the starting lineup at some point in their rookie season. The goal should always be to find the first round talent that fell to the 2nd round.

In the 3rd round you’re still looking for a starting player, or perhaps a rotational player. This is where you find the hardest workers in the draft. In the 3rd round the players may not be as polished, but there is still a ton of talent.

These guys are not the elite athletes of their position’s yearly crops, but the very good athletes who put everything they have into the game. The third round is where you find quality role players and if lucky, a superstar.

After that the draft is all about getting the best player available. There is less emphasis on position of need because you don’t expect your 4th round draft pick to be an instant starter. This is where you look for hidden gems, that may be unpolished or may need a lot of coaching but they can shine in the future. Special teams units get filled with high effort players drafted later on.

If the Giants have this as their criteria, this year’s NFL Draft could be a win for Big Blue.

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