New York Giants: The Latest On Alternate Uniforms


For the third season in a row, the New York Giants will be making changes to their alternate uniforms. Thankfully that change isn’t the return of the notorious red alternate jerseys that are not only an eyesore, but they have seemingly been a bad luck omen every time they were worn.

According to’s Michael Eisen, the actual change is the same change the team has made for the past two seasons. That change is the return of the white uniform pants. The Giants will wear their white pants instead of their standard gray pants for two home games of the 2015 NFL regular season.

The Giants will wear the white pants on Thursday, September 24 versus the Washington Redskins and on Sunday, November 15 versus the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. The white pants will once again have the same red, gray and blue stripes running down each side of the pants as their standard gray pants.

The white pants are a throwback to the team’s old uniforms and were the standard uniform pants until the start of the 2000 season when they gray pants were introduced as one of the uniform updates for that year. Since the return of the white alternate pants, Big Blue is 1-3 in games where the white pants were worn.

Hopefully the Giants will have better luck wearing them this season as the look to make a return to the playoffs for the first time since their championship 2011 season. What do you guys think about the Giants uniforms? Let us know by commenting and getting involved in our social media discussion!

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