New York Giants: examining the puzzle pieces of 2015


The goal of every team is always to win the Super Bowl. It is the hardest goal to reach in professional sports and each season their are 31 NFL teams who failed to reach this goal. The Super Bowl is the goal but what can we realistically expect from the New York Giants this season?

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The Giants have missing pieces to the puzzle. Their offensive line and secondary are unproven. None of their running backs have ever rushed for 1,000 yards. Reliant on a youth movement, the Giants are in very many ways an inexperienced team that needs to learn how to win again.

Some of the pieces of the puzzle that do fit into place could become unhooked and disappear from the Giants big picture. Jon Beason for example is very injury prone and his staying on the field is important to the Giants. Victor Cruz’s potential this season remains a mystery. Cruz is working back to the team and his success will depend on how the knee feels.

The Giants have some very complementary pieces to the puzzle though. Eli Manning is the franchise quarterback that keeps it all together. He is the superglue that brings it all together and gives the Giants a chance this season. Odell Beckham Jr. defied his rookie status last year and he will embarrass anyone with even the notion of a sophomore slump.

The Jason Pierre-Paul thing is the biggest mystery for the Giants. If Pierre-Paul is able to play he is still a big and explosive defensive end. That being said there is still no resolution on if he will even come back to the team and you know what happens when you assume.

The Giants should very much have the goal of winning the Super Bowl, however the Giants don’t look like Super Bowl contenders. It is arguable if they are even likely to get into the NFL postseason. Two losing seasons and a handful of doubts are really what the Giants are bringing to the table right now.

Before the Jason Pierre-Paul incident I had predicted that the Giants would go 10-6 and that they would win a wild card spot. That prediction is still very possible. When you look at the Giants you see so much offensive talent. The schedule appears to be a doable battle. The closer the season gets however, the harder it is not to have a handful of doubts about the Giants.

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